Everybody looks beautiful in their own way but the desire for humans is never-ending. A short heightened person wishes to get an inch taller, An ectomorph wishes to increase a  pound more to gain attention and look impressive. But nowadays what’s more common is weight loss. People wish that they could get a magical Fat Burning Pills so they can reduce their body fat instantly. But this is not the truth by only taking pills a person won’t be able to shred the body weight.

Complimenting the Fat Burning Tablets with a proper diet and a little bit of exercise like push-ups, pull-ups, Squats can speed up the way of shredding the fat that is not allowing your abs to be visible. Whether you are weighing 90 kg or 60 kg but that extra fat around your belly is not allowing your abs to flaunt and most people suggest to take Fat loss Tablets with the mentality that it will cut the fat and convert the fat into the muscle as it is having garcinia and caffeine extracts but it’s not exactly the same. Here we are sharing some unheard ways by which you can cut off the excessive amount of fat and weight from your body.

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Firstly, let us understand the difference between fat loss and weight loss? Many people think that both are the same term but in fat loss, a person is cutting an excessive amount of fat from his body by adding muscle mass to give his body a muscular look at a little weight reduction and weight loss is reducing your body weight by not adding any muscle mass to your body.

Some myths about weight loss in which people believe! 

  • Only Cardio is enough to lose the excessive amount of body weight.
  • Fat Burning Pills are the magical pills which can make them fat to fit
  • Fats and carbohydrates are enemies for the body.
  • If you are exercising you can eat or drink whatever you want.
  • You can convert your fat into muscle.

Makeup your mind that fat loss or weight loss is a lifelong journey you can’t shred your fat overnight. Mostly we see people in the gym are struggling with their weight that they are not losing weight but they need to understand this thing measuring your weight daily can’t make much difference but if they are exercising for around 6 months and in comparison, if they compare themselves with day 1 in the gym they’ll able to see a good difference as they are looking slimmer, attractive, active, passionate. They’ll be happy as the old clothes are fitting them well.

Few tips to blast your gym session!

  • Gears – Use good quality shoes and sports equipment while hitting your gym session as it will increase your mobility.
  • Supplements- Use good quality of Fat Burning Tablets, pre-workout, creatine as it will give you much endurance during your workout
  • Water- Carry your water to the gym as it will keep you hydrated throughout the session
  • Stretch- Stretch your body well before doing cardio and lifting weights as it will reduce the chances of injury.
  • Motivation – Stay motivated as weight loss is a long journey so be patient and enjoy the journey of weight loss.

If you are hitting the gym, 3x – 5x times in a week than It will take around 8 weeks for you to notice the difference in your body, 12 weeks for others to see the little difference in your lifestyle and 24 weeks for others to complete and regret their way of living.

Let us discuss how we can step into our weight loss journey!

  1. Exercise – Stepping into a weight loss journey is all about leaving your comfort zone and allowing your body to feel a good amount of sweat while exercising. Exercising for fat loss doesn’t mean you’ve to jump directly on the treadmill and run 100kms in a day or doing a 100kg of bench press. You can start with walking on a treadmill for 10 mins and complementing it with some resistance training will help your body to lose fat and build some muscle so you won’t get that fat around your body.
  2. Diet – It’s a myth that if you want to lose the bodyweight you need to take your body to starvation. You can have a balanced macro and micronutrient diet where you are having your proteins, fats, carbohydrates, all essential amino acids, fibers and lot more.
  3. Supplementation – Mainly people relate supplements with steroids but not all supplements are steroids. Before using any supplement research for it whether it is your protein powder, Fat Burning Tablets, pharma steroids creatine, Pre-workout or anything else do some self-research before trusting your trainer. Supplements help in muscle recovery, shredding fat, muscle building but supplements are not a magical instrument you need to follow a proper diet. 
  4. Motivation- Staying motivated throughout the weight loss journey is the must thing a one has to do before stepping into this journey as this will take time but one day you will be able to flaunt your 6 pack abs and get a perfect shape which suits your personality.
  5. Rest- Here mainly people fail as they are hitting their body so hard but forget to take rest for ensuring a good muscle growth you need to give proper rest to your body approx you need to provide your body 8 – 9 hours of sleep and 2 days off from your gym will result in much better progress in your body.